About Wish Puppies

WishPuppies creator Nancy Goodman tells the story of the night WishPuppies were born:

It was one of those pathetic, feeling sorry for myself nights.

I was so upset I couldn’t sleep and didn’t know where to go for comfort. Then I thought about my daughter and how she has this special “doggy” she cuddles. I figured: I need one of those!

I headed to the all-night drugstore, test-drove the stuffed dogs, took one home, and began to write a letter. I dated and addressed it, “Dear My Answered Prayer.”

I described my wish in great detail and why it was important to me. I made a plan to build my life in the wait. I also knew I wouldn’t get there alone and ultimately there would be someone to thank.
I opened the seam of the dog’s belly, tucked the letter inside, and held him every night. Some time later, when my wish finally took form in my life, there was definitely someone to thank. I wrapped the dog in a box, handed him over and said, “Open up his belly, there’s something inside for you.”

The WishPuppies design and feel was inspired by my actual dog, Teddy. I think of them as furry envelopes carrying messages from our hearts! Whether it’s a wish or an aspiration; an invitation or apology, or just a fun way to connect, I know one thing for sure…

Where there’s a wish there’s a thank you!

About Nancy Goodman

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Nancy Goodman is the author of It Was Food vs. Me… and I Won (Viking/Penguin) and the novel Surprise Me! (Diversion Books). Nancy helps readers track out-of-control food moments, separate food from feelings, and learn to manage both for permanent weight loss. It Was Food vs. Me… and I Won helps us through her personal and relatable discoveries, while Surprise Me! drives the lessons home through the entertainment of a romantic comedy. Both books are available on Amazon.com
Nancy is a mother of three and lives in Chicago, Illinois.